Moonbase for iPhone & iPod Touch

Simulation games have built up their reputation by using the indomitable freemium method, which allows users to play without paying a cent or optionally play by buying hundreds of dollars worth of in-game currency and upgrades.  Although some prefer not to invest in these casual time-wasters, the fact that they’re utterly fun is downright indisputable. Moonbase (free), the first title from South African-based development firm Maxxor, employs this powerful business model, and it’s undoubtedly got hours of fun packed in for any gamer.

The ultimate, overall goal in Moonbase is to build up your moon settlement to be the largest, most dominant moonbase among all of the rest. Given that the game is in fact freemium, you’ll compete on a worldwide basis with other players – just one of the many social aspects of the free game.

You’ll be posed with constructing buildings, of which there are ten, each with different unique perks in comparison to one another, and also constructing offensive and defensive machinery  - there are a total of 8 different types of units that can be utilized to both conquer other bases as well as defend your own from potential attacks. Each of these units’ aspects can be upgraded – these include the usual candidates for such upgrades: speed, defense and attack.

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While the game’s menus were incredibly easy to decipher, as to what button served what function, this user interface really wasn’t too aesthetically-pleasing. Everything was bleakly designed with a standard, plain blue color scheme used throughout.

As one of the app’s social features, you’ll be able to create alliances with other players. These can be with actual friends or with random users. It’s nothing special, but it’s pretty cool knowing you’re playing with other physical people rather than programmed AI.

Moonbase doesn’t really offer anything exciting or notable graphically. We already mentioned that the menus were lackluster. While the 3D models of buildings and units have been rendered almost flawlessly, everything just seems dull and rough.

There’s lots of fun to be had with Moonbase. Everything described in detail above amounts to a freemium game done right. Pick it up when you’ve got the chance. There’s no risk involved considering it’s completely free and doesn’t force you to pay to play.

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