MonsterTower for iPhone

Monster Tower is a fun new game which does a great job combining the strategy requirements of tower defense with a ‘angry birds’ style set up where you have to defeat numerous different boards within each level.  You’ll be able to play this game for many hours because of the constantly increasing difficulty and dozens of different upgrades and purchases to be made during the game. 

The game starts off with a fairly interesting storyline involving monsters and humans.  In this game, however, you are playing as the monsters who have been driven into hiding by the intolerant humans.  The last hope of the monsters is a giant ‘monster king’ egg which must be protected at all costs from the invading humans.  If the humans are allowed to destroy the egg, you lose that level and have to start it over. 

To protect your egg you start off with only one type of monster to use.  This small green monster can get the job done, but won’t last too long before he is overwhelmed.  As you go through the levels you’ll receive gold to spend on buying new types of playable monsters, and upgrade the strength and defense of the existing monsters you have in your inventory. 

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While playing the levels you get points every second or two, and when you get enough points to purchase a monster you can simply tap that monster to send it into battle.  You can have as many of each type of monster in play as you want, but it is important to use a good strategy, especially in later levels, to ensure you can defeat the humans.   The humans will, of course, also be sending a variety of different types of attackers at you.  From simple swordsmen to flying attackers and even giants, it is important to plan your attack carefully so you don’t waste any of your points.

To give the game even more depth you can unlock special traps to place on the board to help you beat the level.  The traps are things like a barrage of arrows which will attack any enemy who walk by or a set of spikes.  There are many other traps which can be unlocked and upgraded with ‘trap points’ that are earned each level.   These traps can be used to help defend your egg or to assist with an attack, but they recharge slowly so make sure to use them wisely.

This game is perfect for players of all ages.  Younger children might have trouble as the game advances on, but they will likely still have fun.  The progressively more difficult levels will keep even the most experienced gamers challenged.  Everyone will also enjoy the beautiful graphics and excellent sound effects.  Everything about this game was well made which makes the game easy to pick up and play any time you want.  Anyone looking for a new twist on the classic “Humans vs. Monsters” game idea should definitely pick this game up. 

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