Max Power Adventures App Review

Max Power Adventures is another role-playing game, but with a humorous twist.  Since there are so many different RPG's available, it only makes sense to develop a parody to mock them all.  For those that are sincerely into gaming, you may get a kick out of this one. 

The controls are pretty basic as well as the concept of the game.  The developers take in great detail to explain every little thing including the rules and storyline.  Yes, you will be saving a princess, but the superhero Max is more excited about the combat than his prize.  After all, there doesn't seem to be much hiring of superheroes occurring during the depression. 

The banter between all of the characters is pretty humorous, but does become a little long.  It can slow down gaming and leave the player feeling bored, but thankfully there is a way to surpass the pointless conversation.  And since role-playing games are extremely popular, the developer wants to make sure the player completely understands the sarcasm. 

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The game is basically made up of three main characters with Max being the ultimate superhero.  They are trying to save Princess Ceksie because they're bored, but for no other reason.  Each land provides blocks where you have to strategically move Max to combat other enemies. 

Each conquered level is a step closer to rescuing the princess, but not before you have to read the arguments between all of the players.  As the levels increase, so do the number of opponents making strategy a key element in successfully winning the game. 

Since the armies and weaponry options increase as you play, you can begin to place your avatars in tactical positions to eliminate your opponents.  Sometimes you'll have to defend your headquarters, open treasure chests for additional gifts, or beat out fortresses and healers with magic.  As with many RPG's, magic is always a main highlight. 

The weapons must be chosen prior to battling with each turn.  This is great especially when the environment of the land gets in your way of firing.  Plus, you can easily increase life and health with a few specialty weapons as well.  But, you should be aware of the witch's spell as this can prevent you from winning every time.  Luckily, one of your avatars has a way to break the spell as long as they are not wasted. 

As you continue to play, you will pick up new players with a range of capabilities to help with different opponents.  You have to choose these prior to battle, but can be helpful with defeating certain ones.  Unfortunately, there isn't a very large selection of characters to choose from.  Regardless, it's another tactful way to strategically beat out each level. 

The game and graphics are pretty basic, but can be very entertaining for those that enjoy role-playing games.  As long as you can handle the long banter between all of the characters, you should be fine.  But, remember to skip it to get right to fighting and you may enjoy the concept a little better.  

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