Magic Orbz for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Magic Orbz is a game which was very popular on the Play Station 3 platform and has now been ported over to mobile devices.  To play the game you have to throw and bounce balls through the different levels to break all the blocks before you run out of lives.  The game seems simple at first, but as the levels get progressively more difficult you’ll find that it can become quite challenging.

Through the 42 beautiful levels you’ll need to clear out all the obstacles which are in your way before you run out of lives.  To make this task more complex, there will also be power-ups and power-downs which fly out of some of the broken blocks.  You’ll want to pick up the power-ups and avoid the power-downs in order to help ensure you can complete the mission successfully. 

The pace of the game is quite quick which makes it very fun to play for people of all skill levels.  You have to plan out your shots quickly and accurately to ensure you’re clearing out as much of the screen as possible with each shot.  You’ll learn that sometimes it is better to take an extra couple of seconds to line up your shot, and other times you’ll want to just aim and shoot as fast as possible.  There is much more strategy involved in successfully getting through this game than you realize when you first pick it up.

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The creators of this app really did an excellent job of bringing the amazing graphics and sounds to the mobile device.  Each of the 42 levels has a great 3D environment which allows you to make difficult shots and enjoy the look and feel of the levels at the same time.  Most people will appreciate how the different levels are different enough to keep the game fun and interesting no matter how long you play it.

For added game play you can change between two different settings, Pirates or Jungle, to essentially double the options you have for playing the game.  Even if you’ve beaten all 42 levels on both settings, you can still work to collect all of the dozens of trophies available.   As part of the game center you can also compete to get the highest scores against friends or other players from around the world.  The developers of the game have promised more levels to come in future updates so there’s always something to look forward to while playing.

This game is simple enough that even the most inexperienced gamers will be able to pick it up and enjoy it.  The true fun, however, will come as you complete the levels and attempt to get higher scores on each one.  Expert gamers will have trouble getting perfect scores and completing all the levels without losing a ball.  This game is truly perfect for anyone who enjoys brick breaking strategy games.  Since you can pick it up and enjoy it for hours, or just play for a few minutes at a time it is perfect for all sorts of situations. 

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