Listen Up! lite iPhone App Review

Listen Up! Is a great audio game which takes turn based games to the next level.  While there have been dozens of new games over the past year where people have to draw clues or guess letters to find the answer to the question, Listen Up uses audio recordings to make the game play even more fun and interactive.

The way the game works by first finding a partner to play with.  This could be a friend from your Facebook account or someone you’ve never met who also has the game on their mobile device.  Once you’ve been matched up with a partner you pick a word that you need to get your partner to guess.  There are three words to choose from for each game, one is easy, one medium and one hard.  Once you’ve chosen your word you will record an audio clue to help your partner guess it. 

This could be anything from you making a funny sound effect to using a word to describe it or just about anything else you can imagine.  The only rule is you can’t just give them the word since that would ruin all the fun.  Your partner then has to guess the word, if they can do it they will get points based on how difficult the word is.  They will then choose a word to send an audio clue to you about!

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The app is very well made and designed to give you a lot of different options for enjoyment.  The developers have clearly done a great job making this an easy to use app which allows you to have a lot of fun with it.  Since you can have multiple games going at the same time you won’t likely have to wait very long before taking another turn if you don’t want to.  IF, however, you happen to be busy for a while you also don’t have to worry about making a move as soon as it’s your turn.  This is a very accommodating and casual game.

When recording your clue you can record what you want to say, and then play it back to you to ensure you’ve got the perfect clue.  You can then accept it or delete it and re-record to make it even better.  The whole recording process is very simple, and it records high quality audio so you can make excellent recording clues for your friends.  When you’ve received a new clue you can listen to it as many times as you need in order to guess the word correctly!  You can even get clues when you need them.

This app was designed for anyone who loves the popular turn based games on their mobile device, but wants to take it to the next level.  With audio clues you can get much more creative and it often leads to a very funny and entertaining game.  Whether you’re 5 years old, 50 or any other age you can have a great time playing this fun game with your friends or anyone you are matched up with online!

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