The Lion And The Mouse By Kid App Review

The Lion And The Mouse By Kid is a great application for children looking for an entertaining game. The application features graphics targeted towards the children demographic and is a very informative application. The Lion And The Mouse features 33 beautiful animated scenes that are drawn in a very cartoony atmosphere.

If you’ve ever tried to sit your child down and read them a story about old time fables or stories, then you know this can be a difficult task. While some children love hearing stories, a lot of children now days would rather see it in visual context such as a video game or a movie. The Lion And The Mouse is an interactive storybook application that will tell your kids all of those fables in a way they’re going to love. No boring and plain old text on a paperback book but instead you’ll be reading from an animated and interactive storyline.

While the graphics have a colorful and are well designed, they are aimed towards the children demographic. Additionally, the app also features a host of different mini games (over 30 of them) and has different interactions as well. You’re sure to be entertained and to always have something to do. Even adults alike will find enjoyment as they relive old fables they might have forgotten over time or want to hear again.

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While The Lion And The Mouse is considered a book, it borderline’s a game. However the app is only for the IPhone 2, so if you’re using another IPhone it will not work. The vivid animations and scenes in the game feature a lot of graphics on nature and animals. If you or your child is an animal lover, then you’re going to love The Lion And The Mouse. You don’t have to worry about getting bored as you’ll be able to interact and play with the different characters in the game.

The dynamic settings and environment of the game offers gameplay value to just about anyone who likes playing games or reading interactive books. This low cost application promises and guarantees that your child will be out of your hair and not pestering you when they have access to this app. The Lion And The Mouse tries to combine the best of learning and enjoyment.

To sum up The Lion And The Mouse, there are quite a few different impressive features in this application. First are the animated and cartoon like graphics. They may be targeted towards the younger demographic and children in general but adults often find they enjoy the graphics too. Also, it features several mini games and ways to interact with the world and the story. Your characters have a unique way to interact and you even get the opportunity to play different characters and try something new. This app goes in depth and almost feels like an actual game rather than a story or a book.

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