Kisaragi-no-Hogyoku iPhone App Review

The Kisaragi no Hogyoku app is more of a book than a traditional app.  The app opens up to the main menu where you can choose to start the story or learn how to interact with it.  The interaction is quite simple with regular taps and swipes to advance the story, touching the screen with two fingers to bring up the menu or three fingers to fast forward through the story.  All of these gestures are simple to use and work flawlessly for controlling the pace of the story.

In addition to the text of the story which you read through, there is also background music and images which serve to enhance the story.  The images are well made and look great.  They really help to get you into the story by showing what different characters or situations look like in the mind of the author.  The makers of this app also did a good job of making sure that the images and music will add to the story without being distracting.

The story line is well thought out and involves a boy who is starting out in a new school.  It combines different aspects of martial arts and other story lines well.  The story is very easy to read on the iPhone device and looks great.  The text loads up at a good pace and you can swipe to move it along when you’re ready to advance.  You’ll like the fact that the text takes up half the screen at times to show an image or the full screen when it is simply text being used to advance the story line.

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The story line has an Eastern look and feel to it with the characters appearing Asian in the images and they practice different types of martial apps within their school.  The school in the story has a practice which matches up a boy and a girl from different grades who will remain together throughout the school year.   They are required to advance both academically and in their martial arts to become the top pair at the end of the year.   The story does a good job at introducing these characters and explaining how the process works.

Using the images and text to complement each other when brining new characters on the scene or to show different feelings and emotions is a nice touch.  This story was chosen well for an app of this type because of the fact that the characters and topics in the story often need more imagery than could be done well with just the text.

The makers of this app have done a very good job at combining the best aspects of a regular book with the technology available on modern mobile devices.  Unlike many similar types of apps I’ve used in the past, this one really does a good job at ensuring that the story is still the most prominent part of the app and the images and music just serve to enhance the story.

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