Kill Devils for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Kill Devils is a new entry to the app market as a strategy defence game. If you are a fan of defence games then  you are sure to love Kill Devils, with action packed features to keep you entertained for hours at a time. This game is truly vast, with over 270 stages in all for you to battle through and multiple races available in each of the world's 6 kingdoms. Defend your magical towers across two game modes to rid the world of Ashan of the devils that are threatening to take over. 

The first thing you will notice about Kill Devils upon starting the game up is the exquisite design work that has gone into this app. You really would not expect this app to be free when you look at the quality of the sprites and graphics found within. You will be impressed by the look of each and every enemy that you come across while playing Kill Devils; truly I take my hat off to the developers, Sun Ground for the artwork that has gone into Kill Devils.

I personally played the game on an iPod Touch and throughout found that it played extremely well and was well designed for the hand held device. While I imagine it is just as impressive on the iPad, I cannot truly comment on the experience there. When you play through the game you are rewarded accordingly for your efforts on every stage with a certain amount of mana crystals and coins that can be spent upgrading your skills at the end of every level. This upgrade structure is designed just as well as the rest of the game as you are able to add mana crystals to the elemental towers that make up your defences against the enemy hordes baring down at you. Throughout the game stays comfortably challenging, meaning that you certainly won't get bored through constantly destroying waves of enemies with ease. If you don't strategically think about all your upgrades and additions, you may find yourself in a bit of a tricky spot come the closing stages of the game. 

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The entire time that I played through Kill Devils it was truly a pleasure. The graphics were easy on the eye, the game was constructed well making it simple to understand and the main positive was that the game is actually fun. Defence games are a nice addition to any iPod gaming collection as they are nice and easy to whip out on the train for a few stages before being put away again just as promptly until your next craving. Considering that Kill Devils costs absolutely nothing is certainly a great selling point for anyone even remotely interested in the game; there's no reason not to try it out and see if you like it. I thoroughly recommend this game to anyone with an iPod who enjoys any time of defence game.

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