Joy Tales for iPad

Joy tales is aimed for readers aged 2 to 6 years old and tries to both improve their reading skills throughout these years as well as help them through separate stages in their lives. The tales are even available in different languages, so there is also the potential to learn the foundations of another language. However you choose to best utilise Joy Tales, the app contains 12 bed time stories for both you and your child to enjoy together; with interactive features and fun illustrations, both you and your child are sure to enjoy Joy Tales.

Joy Tales is certainly a fun and engaging application to use with your children. Don't forget that this comes with not just 1 or 2, but 12 stories in total! That's countless hours of bed time reading and storytelling to get your kids involved with. The fun doesn't stop with the 12 unique stories and multiple characters though, as Joy Tales comes packed with other activities to carry out when you're done, or during your read through of the texts. Have a go at colouring in your favourite characters from the stories or any of the other interactions available - each and every page of the 12 stories has some kind of interactive aspect to keep your children entertained.

Joy Tales is busting with added features beyond this; as the narration options surpass those of most other children's e-books on the market. While the option to have the story narrated to you is not new to an iPad e-book, the changes you can make to this narration are. If your child prefers the sound of your own voice, you can record the narration yourself with the built in features. This way your child can improve their vocabulary and reading skills to the sound of your own soothing tones.

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While the design and overall presentation of Joy Tales is very good, at first site it appears that you receive all this for free - which to me sounded like a pretty good deal to begin with. However, after finishing the initial complimentary book: "Tab the White Bat", all other books as part of Joy Tales cost an additional $3.99. Even at this price the stories are still good value considering the added functions of each of them and the potential fun your child can have with each one; however this is not made apparent to you to begin with.

As the Joy Tales developers seek to keep releasing new stories every month to make up the promised 12 (currently their total stands at 7 of these 12 books released), each and every one shows the professional and slick look of each of its predecessors. Delivered well, Joy Tales is certainly something that most, if not all, children will enjoy before bedtime. Designed specifically for the iPad they run and look beautiful at all times. 

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