The Iron Mouse App Review

There are some pretty fantastic games available for the iPhone and the iPad, each with its own set of challenges, its own creativity, and its own unique design. One that really stood though was called The Iron Mouse. The gameplay was clever, the scenery and design were colorful, and it is always a fun play. Some games are only fun and interesting for the first few levels, but then they get boring as you get used to the gameplay. The Iron Mouse however, is super addictive and will leave you struggling to put down your device. It shares some of the best qualities of today’s most popular games, but rest assured it remains an entirely unique game.

The object of the game is simple; get as much cheese as you possibly can. You are a mouse, but for some reason you are partially made out of iron. Naturally as a mouse, you are after cheese and will stop at nothing to get it. To make things a bit difficult for our little rodent friend is his worst enemy; the cat. Also made of iron, these cats are there to stop little Iron Mouse from getting the cheese, creating challenging obstacles for the user. It takes a precise touch and perfect timing with your hops to get the cheese and be safe from the cats. The game is full of action and will have you gritting your teeth with determination.

The style of the game is cartoony but still quite artistic. The characters are all iron clad and there is kind of a steam punk feel to the game play. This is probably a result of the industrial backgrounds, complete with gears and air vents. Regardless of the cute feel to the game, the baddies look bad, and our hero the Iron Mouse looks like he is in for the run of his life.

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The Emobi Games Joint Stock Company, the developer of The Iron Mouse, has taken quite a different approach in the world of mobile games. The concept behind this game is fantastically creative and the gameplay is wonderfully addicting. The game is available for both the iPad and iPhone on the App Store, so just about anyone can play. Try to watch out for those constant obstacles and ferocious metal cats, and you will be in for a fantastic time while playing The Iron Mouse.

When asked who would love this game, the only response would be; who wouldn’t love this game? The style, characters, and gameplay involved in this app will appeal to anyone and everyone. Kids will love the game for its intensity and fun. Adults will love the game for its strategy and because of how much time you can spend playing it. Whether you are waiting for a meeting to start or simply on a long cab ride home, this game will make time fly. This game is recommended to anyone who loves strategic, colorful, well-designed, and challenging games and is looking for something that will get them hooked. 

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