iRobbery iPhone app review

Quick, easy apps to learn are right up my ally! Whether you’re waiting for a train, bus or sitting at the doctor’s office, a low-skill, quick app is the perfect way to pass the time.

Objective: Try to help Marvin (your buddy/accomplice, I assume) steal all the money before time runs out and the cops arrive. Whether Marvin is a good guy or not isn’t quite clear. But for argument’s sake, let’s pretend he’s Robin Hood and giving to the poor (or something along those lines). There are twenty levels and you much clear each one before proceeding to the next level.

(note: the instructions appear to cut off at the end of the screen. You do need to scroll, but an arrow would be helpful here).

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Actual Play: Holy fast moving! The cops definitely ‘busted’ me a couple of time before I figured out that the set up was almost like a traditional arcade game. You have about 4 seconds (literally) to get the bag of money from the vault and out the front door.

The ‘levers’ are sensitive to the skin (aka your finger) so you have to maneuver very quickly around them to get out. I liked that it wasn’t so easy where there was no challenge at all but also not so difficult that I wouldn’t even want to play the game at all.  

The first several levels are easy to maneuver past, but as the levels progress, I do recommend taking advantage of the pause button at the lower right hand corner of the game. The higher the level you reach, the more levers there are and the more quickly they rotate. Some good old-fashioned risk assessment is always helpful.

If you don’t make it out of the vault in time, the real-life sound of a police siren stops you in your game-playing tracks. When you do make it, you’re rewarded with a big old golden-tooth Marvin grin and an ascent to the next level.

The game also offers a hall of fame and leaderboard option, so you can compare against friends and foes alike. Overall a good free app, although you do need to purchase after you reach level 8 (a bit of a bummer, but people need to make money!). 

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