iHomies iPhone App Review

iHomies is an interesting app that gives you some virtual friends to play with on your mobile device.  You start out with four unique 'friends', each with their own look and personality.  Within in the app you can touch them in different places to see different animations and they have different sayings as well.  If you want them to say and do extra things you can make a small purchase for additional animations.

Each of the homies is a different animal with a quirky personality.  Don King, for example, is a big ape who loves hip-hop music and believes himself to be a great dancer.  Then there's Mitch the romantic dog, Bubi (the only lady of the first four friends) is a cute fox and Kyle is a Wiesel who loves playing pranks.  Additional homies are expected to come out with future updates, and whether they are free additions or paid add ons is yet to be seen. 

When you load up the app you can go directly in and see all the different animations each of the friends can do, or you can learn a little bit about them.  Their biography is in the form of a wanted poster which tells what they are, something about their personality and gives a brief back story about how they get along with the other iHomies friends. 

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This app does have a somewhat mature theme to it so don't pick it up for young children to play.  While much of it is innocent and some of the jokes would go over younger user's heads, it’s likely best to leave this one for older kids and adults.  The app is very easy to use and the navigation through the different options within the game is very simple to learn and you'll be browsing through it in no time at all. 

As you learn more and more about your virtual friends you can share animations and information about them over Facebook, Twitter and e-cards your friends.  This is a fun little addition since it allows you to make the app a little more interactive, especially if any of your friends have seen or heard about the app.  The bottom line is this is not an overly advanced game that you'll be playing for hours on end, but it is a fun little app that is enjoyable and fairly unique. 

The virtual friends are not the normal ultra childish characters that you'd see on many other apps available today which gives this a little more appeal to adults.  Since it's free it is well worth it to pick up and play with once in a while.  If you're enjoying the characters and want to see a little bit more the in app purchases give you quite a bit of additional animations and sayings which make the app even more entertaining.  So, go ahead and download this app today and see what you think.  It's definitely something different than the rest of the apps on your mobile device.  

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