HotDoc for iPad

The iPad is one of the most powerful and versatile tablets available on the market today.  It does, however, have a few important things that are lacking.  One of them is the file management system that it uses.  There is no good and easy way to manage your office and other files, until now.  HotDoc was developed to have a focus on the ergonomic and aesthetic user interface of the iPad and put it to use in managing all your files.

You can quickly and easily open, edit, move and adjust all your office files that are visible on the iPad including PDF, txt, HTML, Word documents, excel spreadsheets and even power point presentations.  You can also organize and sort picture files and even emails.  If the iPad is able to read the file, HotDoc can help you manage and organize it to ensure it is easy to find and access when you need it.

This is the perfect app for anyone who uses their iPad for more than just a glorified gaming device.  Most people today are using their tablet computer as a replacement, or at least a supplement to their laptop or desktop computer.  This means they are regularly accessing and using a variety of different files.  Using the intuitive and easy to use interface you can save a lot of time and headache because you'll always know exactly where your files are.

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For people who use their iPad for both work and personal files you can easily separate the two types of documents into their own areas.  This will help you stay much more organized which will save you a lot of time and energy on both your personal files and your work files.  This can also help you ensure that you don't make any mistakes when pulling up files in front of customers or clients.  It is always very unprofessional to pull up the wrong file, especially if it is not even a work related file.

This app has a huge list of impressive features making it the only file management app you'll need.  It can import files from your computer or even your email accounts.  It can pull files from Dropbox and other file sharing programs.  You can use it to create or edit text files quickly and easily, and then store them in easy to create folders, sub-folders or even directories.  Copying and moving files one at a time or by the entire folder is also incredibly quick and easy to do.

One of the best things about this great app is that it is so easy to learn.  Everything you need to do within the app is extremely intuitive and just makes since.  If you've used either a PC or a MAC in the past you'll pretty much be able to hit the ground running on all the most common tasks in this app.  If, however, you do happen to run into a problem of any sort, you can access the 60 page detailed user manual to look up how to do the tasks you’re trying to do. The bottom line is, if you're looking to manage your iPad files more quickly and easily, HotDoc is the app for you!

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