Haypi Dragon App Review

For those that enjoy a multi-player game where you can challenge others around the world; then Haypi Dragon is the perfect game for you!  This role playing game allows you to play against other dragons while working towards the ultimate goal of being the best in the world.  After all; you want your Haypi Dragon to be the one to beat!

When I initially landed on the main page; I wasn't sure where to go.  Luckily; there was a pointing hand to show me the way.  There are so many different options and places to visit that I wasn't sure where to begin.  But, once the directions were clearly shown; I knew what had to be done.  It turns out; there are goals to be accomplished, dragons to train, and trinkets to get before having the chance to show your skills to the world. 

There are a variety of levels that must be accomplished within certain towns.  The graphics are pretty good and I was very impressed with the choices for battle.  During each level; the goal is to line up your bombs perfectly with the opponent for a direct hit.  It's not as easy as described; there are plenty of obstacles that interfere with direct shots.  In fact, it seems like a little skill in this game will go a long way.  Plus, each of your opponents will throw bombs that have different affects on your life.  The boulder and fire ball causes the most damage while a simple pebble or eating plant is just pure entertainment.  It was pretty fun to watch my dragon get eaten by a plant that mimics Mario Brothers. 

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Of course, as with any game; the difficulty from each level increases and the more dragons that are defeated, the more coins you will receive.  It turns out these are pretty important since they are needed to buy weapons, defenses, and to train your dragons.  The idea of increasing my dragon's experience level by training is a great touch to the game.  And because these training techniques range from two hours up to twenty-four; it prevents me from beating the game in one day.  Like many people; I prefer a little challenge in a game and Haypi Dragon definitely offers that.  

Also, it seems like the coins in this game actually control your every move; so the goal is to win as many as possible.  There is always the option of purchasing additional coins to accomplish tasks and buys better bombs, but this isn't very challenging.  This is why I was very pleased to see another way to obtain coins by completing a few tasks.  There are constant goals to reach; many that can be accomplished with one simple fight while others have to be worked on.  Regardless; it was another sweet twist that helped fuel my addiction. 

The fact is that Haypi Dragon is a fun game to play especially if you enjoy multi-player challenges.  It's a great way to meet other dragons and see how your skills add up to theirs.  But, you have to walk before you can run which is why this game continues to entice me everyday.  It's worth the download and is even harder to put down! 

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