Hansel and Gretel - Epic Tales animated storybook

Hansel and Gretel has been brought to the app store with a great, interactive twist. Read this fun tale with your kids and see them play around with the animated environment. The interactive story features fantastic voice acting and a unique music score that combines together to create an experience like no other. This is not simply an e-book of the classic fairy tale, but an all round experience that your children will enjoy every second of.

The design of Hansel and Gretel is simply breathtaking, with a great professional and cartoon feel shining through to the user. Epic Tales tends to throw out some very good applications for the app store and you can always be sure of the quality. This continues to be true for their version of Hansel and Gretel. Most of the objects within each seen can be selected for special hidden animations to occur. This gives your child a chance to play around with the story unfolding before them and really engage with the application.

More than this, the book allows for you or your child to read themselves, to have the story read to them or simply to play around with the animations. All this enables story time to evolve into more than just this, allowing children to enjoy the story of Hansel and Gretel beyond just the story.

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At $4.99, less than the price of the average children's book nowadays, you care receiving a lot more for your money with this interactive Hansel and Gretel. I strongly suggest adding this to your apple device's book collection if you have children. From cinematic cut scenes to beautiful graphics, this app has everything you are looking for in a children's book and more.

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