Gangster Granny for iPhone and iPad

Gangster Granny allows you to play as a somewhat strange protagonist when compared with what we are used to from gun running apps. For once we see a grandmother with very few morals as we help her bust out of prison and go on a rampage to try and rob the biggest bank in the city. With gun toting madness bringing Grand Theft Auto into mind, this is sure to be a game you will become addicted to very quickly in the near future.

Gangster Granny is presented very well indeed, with full 3D level design that we don't see quite enough of on the iPod and iPhone. Characters and environments are displayed in a cartoon style that marries well with the goofy storyline. Playing the game itself is fun and engaging, with the control system well thought out to keep your fingers and thumbs out of the main action. With a fantastic array of weaponry to choose from, Granny won't be running out of ammunition and diverse playing styles as she goes full Gangster on anybody that gets in her way. We see some unique objective style inputs to this game as well that really keep you hooked while you play it.

The game has eight thrilling and enticing unlockable levels to play with. It may be the same kind of walk and shoot game, but stands out well with some stunning graphics and intuitive gameplay. Gangster Granny is incredibly fun to play and priced at just $0.99 it won't break the bank either. Black Bullet Games have really delivered a slick little game that is as fun as it sounds. The unique concept of an outlaw grandmother, in full dress to boot, keeps the content engaging through till the very end. While there are only 8 levels to play through at the moment, updates and new missions are free for life so Gangster Granny can carry on with her illegal behaviour. Overall, a very fun game that is well worth a download.

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