FantasyxRunners App Review

The FantasyxRunners app puts a new and exciting twist on the popular ‘running’ type of app.  Like other runner apps the game is played with your character running across the screen and either avoiding or killing enemies and jumping over pits and other obstacles.  While running through the different levels you collect rubies by running over them or collecting them from enemies which you kill.  When running you can’t stop or turn around so you have to have quick reflexes to collect all the possible rubies.

These rubies can be used to unlock different characters which you can play the game with.  Each time you unlock a different character it becomes available in the game.  You start out with the fighter who runs and jumps normally and attacks enemies with his sword.  When you have enough rubies you can unlock the next character, an archer, or save up the rubies to get a more advanced character.

The list of characters is quite extensive including the fighter, archer, thief, mage, bow master, summoner, hunter, wizard, princess, barbarian, daemon hunter and the captain.  Each character has a different set of skills and attacks.  Each one has a set of advantages and disadvantages so picking out which character you start the game with is important.  If, for example, you choose the archer your attack is done at a range.  The fighter’s sword requires you be closer to the enemy before you attack.

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What makes this game a little different than most runner type games is that with each character you unlock, they can join the game.  So, if you have the fighter, archer and thief unlocked you will first choose which one to start the game with.  Say you pick the fighter to start out you will begin the level with just the fighter.  As you progress through the level, however, you can kill an enemy which will prompt another character to join.  This essentially gives you an extra life so if your character dies you get another chance to continue on.

The game play is quite fun and if you like these running type of games you’ll love this one.  It is easily one of the best games of this type on the app market today.  The makers of this app did a great job with everything from the graphics to the music and, of course, the actual game play.  They are all done very professionally to ensure the game is very fun.

This game will give you quite a few hours of fun game play.  It is challenging enough to keep you interested yet simple enough in concept that just about anyone can play.  The addition of the rubies and unlocking different types of characters has really helped push this type of game to the next level.  It gives the player fun and achievable goals to shoot for every time they play.  Whether you’re sitting down to play a game for a while, or just have a few minutes to play, this is a great game for you.

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