Face Reading Booth for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Face Reading Booth takes the social app to the next level with an entirely unique way to use your phone with your friends. Where Fat Booth and other apps began, Face Reading Booth allows the user to tell the future of whomever they take a picture of, with hundreds of built in readings. Face Reading Booth claims to use actual face reading techniques to choose its readings for your friends. You'll be sure to have a lot of fun showing your friends their futures and working out your own with Face Reading Booth.

Face Reading Booth is very simple to use and features a well designed tutorial whenever you take a picture for Face Reading Booth to allow it to perform optimally. When I tested the app I especially liked how the reading itself is displayed. Rather than producing a big wall of text as I was expecting after uploading my pictures, the app actually points to certain parts of the face and describes what these features show.

Once you have your readings the fun does not stop there. You are able to use the application to share your readings by email, so if you have a saved photo of your friends you can surprise them with a fun reading of their future. This makes the app completely social and can be a lot of fun to use in a large group.

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Overall, Face Reading Booth is certainly worth a download at just $0.99, after all you will certainly get some fun out of it when using it with friends. While you may not end up using the email feature all that much, playing around every once in a while with a group of friends is where this app creates its appeal.

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