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EventiCal is an interesting app from PARK LLC which can help people manage their busy social life so they never miss anything that they wanted to do again.  You can create your own events and share them with friends over Facebook (without ever leaving the app!) or add in a special event that you plan on attending.   Where the app really gets impressive is the fact that when you log in to your Facebook account with EventiCal it will go out and find all the events listed on yours and your friends Facebook accounts.  The entire app is very well made and easy to navigate making it the best way yet to use your mobile device improves your life.

When you first set up this app it will start out by going out to all your friends on Facebook and compiling all the events they have listed into the app.  From there you can review all the events, see who is attending and what types of details are associated with the event.  You can also mark whether or not you'll be attending at any time.  In addition to this, you can look at the events going on near you based on your current location (geolocation required). 

This is great when you're visiting a friend or in a part of town you're not used to.  It just takes a second to see all the greatest parties, any concerts or any other type event and how close it is to you.  You can then review what types of activities are listed for the event and who has said they will be attending.  This is a great way to find something to do no matter where you are.

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The app was designed very well allowing you to open it up and quickly see all the information you need right away.  This makes finding out what is going on around you at the moment as well as for the upcoming days extremely easy.  The makers of this app clearly had ease of use and convenience in their mind when designing it because everything from the categorization of the different events to how the screen is laid out is very intuitive making it extremely simple to use.

If you want to add a new event and share it publicly on your Facebook page that will only take you a few minutes to type in the details and hit submit.  You can then keep track of who you invited, who will be attending and any other important details related to your event. 

This app is great for anyone who is interested in keeping their social events organized in one place making it extremely easy to keep track of.  While it can be great for people of any age, it will most likely be most popular with people from 16 to 30 because they are more likely to have a lot of friends who use Facebook to organize their events which makes syncing it with the app fast and simple. 

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