Easy Words iPhone App Review

Charlemagne said, "To have another language is to possess a second soul." Now you can have the ability to possess that second soul through an app available in the palm of your hands.  Learning a second language requires constant maintenance and practice.  The best way to learn a second (or third or fourth!) language is through repetition and continual exposure to the language.  That is the idea behind the application called Easy Words. 

This educational tool is an easy to use flash card program designed to teach foreign languages.  You’ll be a polyglot before you know it!  Since you can have this app loaded directly to your iPod or iPad you can have it with you where ever you go.  Got five minutes to wait in line at the grocery store?  That’s plenty of time to learn a few words.  Waiting at the dentist’s office? Turn that waste of time in to a valuable foreign language lesson. 

Before you know it you’ve learned several words in just a day, and reviewed more so you can commit them fully to your working memory.  This app is useful if you are planning on travelling to another country and you want to learn some vocabulary to help you through when you get there. Or, it is helpful if you are studying for a foreign language class. Really any reason there is to learn a foreign language is a reason to get this app!

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Foreign language learning can be done by anyone. This app is useful for someone who has a grasp of one language, and is ready for the challenge of a new one.  This includes young children who can read their own language all the way up to any age person who is ready to take hold of their “second soul”.  This is a great tool on its own or as a supplement to other language learning systems.

This app comes loaded with 36 different languages, and can be used with any two of those.  So it can not only be used for English to Spanish, but Russian to Chinese or Korean to Italian.  Any combination is possible.  This expands language learning opportunities.  There is also an option to compile your own word lists so you can add words that you feel are important.  Words can be grouped by topics so you can study how to ask for directions, and then study how to order dinner.  In addition to flashcards, there are also other tools like multiple choice quizzes and word translations.  There are other options as well that will help you along your way to language learning.  The display has bright vivid colors and is not too crowded.  The interface is uncomplicated and easy to use for anyone. 

This is a wonderful app for travelers who wish to expand their traveling experiencing by really being able to get out in to the culture of the country they are visiting.  The sooner you start learning the more you will know.  So start learning today and open yourself up to an exciting new world!

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