Drum Fanatics for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Finally! An awesome new handheld game for drum lovers!  Drum Fanatics is a new app for your iPhone, iPod or iPad that allows you to get your drum addiction in even when you are away from your drum set. Or if you’re looking to start learning the rhythm of drums but don’t have a set yet, this is a fun easy way to start!  This drum game uses your fingers in a five line music rhythm system so you can rock out to your favorite songs. 

Basically, you choose your difficulty level and your song.  Start the game to see how well you match up the song to what drums you tap.  You’ll earn points for how well you do with the correct drum at the correct time.  It’s all about rhythm!  The best way to enjoy it is by putting on your headphones and jamming to your own beats.  The sound really comes through great, and no one will know if you mess up.  There are a lot of musical instrument simulator games out there, but few good ones for the drums.  It is about time drummers get some app love too!  This is a great game for some simple musical fun!

This game is simple enough for all ages. It is ideal for teenagers and young adults who love to combine their love for music and technology.  It is also good for young people but the harder levels might be a little difficult for those who are still developing their hand eye coordination. Fortunately, there are 14 different difficulty levels so there is something for everyone with this game.  It is a fun game for anyone who is a drum fan or who thinks they might want to try out drums in the future.  It is great for anyone who loves music and wants to be able to create music on the go. 

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This app has exciting features.  The interface is brightly colored and only as complex as it needs to be for the features it offers.  There are different options for songs and difficulty levels.  The drum sets shown on screen can be customized for fun and convenience.  There are several achievements to be unlocked as the player improves and progresses through the songs.  There is also a leader board, which allows players to show off how well they have done in their game, and see how they stack up against other drummers out there.  The creators of the game are motivated to continue to support the game and to make improvements.  They are readily available for bug fixes and other support issues. 

This game is an awesome pick for future rock stars of the world! You can have a mini drum set right in the palm of your hands at anytime, anywhere!  Don’t just be a fan of drums, be a drum fanatic today!  You will be the envy of everyone who is playing their lame piano simulators.  Never leave home without your drum set!

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