Cuboid: 3D Puzzle Game App Review

The Cuboid app is an addicting 3D puzzle game available on your mobile device.  The game is played on a beautiful 3D scene with the object being to move your ‘cuboid’ from the first tile through to the goal as quickly as possible, and in as few moves as possible.  Depending on the amount of moves and the amount of time it takes you, you’ll get a score.  While it sounds simple enough, the game gets much more complex because of all the different items in the game which will either help you speed through the level or try to slow you down.

The first thing that really jumps out at the players in this game is the incredible 3D graphics that serve as the backdrop of the game.  The game has over 70 different levels, each of which is set on a beautifully designed image which makes the game visually stunning.  The actual course is a 3D set of tiles to travel over and manipulate to move the cuboid to the goal.  The animation and movement of the tiles and other interactive aspects of the game are very well done which help to ensure a smooth game play from beginning to end.

In addition to the wonderful graphics, Cuboid has a very soothing and relaxing soundtrack.  While the sounds in most games don’t really contribute much to the enjoyment, this game is the exception to that rule.  The beautiful music and sound effects go a long way to perfecting the overall game play experience.

Playing the game is quiet stimulating because of the complex strategies that you need to employ to get the high score.  Keep in mind that the player is not only competing against their own personal best, but also trying to get on top of a global leader board and complete the many achievements throughout the game. 

The game comes with over 70 levels ranging from easy to hard, plus additional bonus levels can be unlocked by completing specific tasks.  The developers of the game are still actively creating new and exciting boards to play on as well which are provided in regular updates free of charge.  These updates will keep this game fun and exciting for a very long time. 

Learning how to manipulate the tiles and the different environmental elements associated with these tiles is fairly simple.  The game is very intuitive and does not have a very long learning curve which makes it the perfect game for just about everyone.  Those who are new to games, especially puzzle games, will like the fact that they can start playing quickly and easily in just a few minutes.  Expert gamers will love the challenge they get from this game and the wide variety of different interactions they must complete to finish it.

Anyone who is interested in a new and fun puzzle game will surely want to check out Cuboid 3D as it brings in all the best elements of puzzle games as well as adds some new and exciting features to keep the game fun for hours on end. 

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