Cinema-trix App Review

Cinema Trix is a fun app which allows you to add filters and other effects to your device’s camera while you’re shooting video or still images.  Unlike many other apps, you can use this one to look through your camera at the world as you want it to be.  The augmented reality features allows you to feel like you’re in the matrix or some other exciting world.  It’s also great for making fun and interesting videos which are altered in a wide range of ways. 

You can make the colors move vivid or tone them down for an older looking video or picture.  You can bring out one particular color to make it pop out from the rest or shoot the video in black and white.  There are a wide variety of different options for you to play with to alter the way your camera works on your iPhone or iPad devices. 

After you’ve shot a photo or video you can make further edits and improvements to make sure it is perfect.  You can edit the entire video or just small sections of it to make it appear just how you want it.  There are a lot of different options for editing existing photos or videos which really expands on what this fun app can do.

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When you’ve shot that perfect photo or video you can share it with everyone quickly and easily with integrated Facebook, Twitter and YouTube access.  In just a couple of taps you can share it with anyone you’d like via these sites or even just email it to friends or family.  If you don’t want to post it anywhere, but want to keep it for your own personal viewing you can save it right to your devices photo or video albums. 

The app was made very well which allows people who have never done any sort of photo editing to make fun changes quickly and easily.  All the options are very intuitive and simple to learn so you can be editing your videos like a professional in no time.  If you’re ever not sure how to do something there are tips and instructions included which will allow you to quickly learn more and more about what you can do.

This app is ideal for people of just about any age who enjoy shooting video or taking pictures with their device.  This app really expands on the devices built in abilities so you can shoot all your pictures and videos from the one place and do any editing at the same time.  You won’t have to take normal videos and then try adding on filters and other edits after the fact.  The app is easy enough for anyone to use and enjoy yet complex enough to allow you to make really exciting improvements to your media. 

You’ll love all the extra features offered by this one app.  It is essentially combining all the features from a number of other popular apps into this one powerful area.  You’ll love having the ability to control everything about your photos and videos from one convenient location.

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