Cartoon Defense: Space wars for iPhone & iPod Touch

Beware! Upon downloading Cartoon Defence: Space Wars you will not be able to put it down! It is an incredibly addictive and fast paced game that will keep you entertained throughout its 80 increasingly difficult levels and its 3 varieties of game mode. It is your job to defend the planet cartoon from an onslaught of the Grey Tribe hordes that will nibble away at your defences.

It is here that Cartoon Defence: Space Wars moves away from your traditional tower defence game though and into the realms of a real time strategy game. Described by KTH, the developers, as a 'real time tower defence' game, Cartoon Defence: Space Wars certainly feels more fast paced than the tower defence games you may have been used to. Manage your resources well and upgrade your towers, all the while defending your home planet in this action packed game for the iPod, iPad and iPhone.

This is where Cartoon Defence: Space Wars excels - the design is simply fantastic with a real hand drawn, cartoony feel to it. KTH have really outdone themselves with the quality graphics here, keeping true to the name of the game. This visual aspect to Cartoon Defence: Space Wars makes it a real joy to play and you may even be left chuckling at the interesting character artwork that has been used (outrageous facial hair really helps with this). I can guarantee that you will be impressed by the style used in Cartoon Defence: Space Wars, the screen shots speak for themselves if you aren't prepared to download it at this stage.

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Playing the game was just as enjoyable an experience as viewing it, as KTH haven't just tried to mask poor functionality with strong design work. The game runs well on my 3rd Gen iPod Touch while the controls are both intuitive and easy to use - a very important characteristic on a game like this. Selecting and upgrading your units is easy enough to do while you still need to track your resources and their respective upgrades at the same time. You will continue to enjoy all 80+ stages and still have more to do with Cartoon Defence: Space Wars' 3 different game modes. 

Ignoring the fact that Cartoon Defence: Space Wars is a free application for the time being, I would definitely recommend giving this funky game a download. With all the design and usability you would expect from a paid app, Cartoon Defence: Space Wars ticks all the boxes when it comes to selecting a tower defence game that you will enjoy. If you are a fan of this genre you would be mad not to give this a try; at no cost you quite literally have nothing to lose. If this review isn't enough to encourage you, take a look at the community who have given it a rating of 4+ stars based on an average of more than 300 reviews - we can't all be wrong.

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