Cannibal Cookout for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Cannibal cookout is a fun cooking based game with a disturbing, yet funny, twist.  Rather than cooking with normal materials like many other cooking apps, you are a cannibal so you cook with other creatures.  The main game play screen has a large pot with boiling water in the middle, fire underneath and some trees and bushes in the background.  To beat each level you need to cook enough of the creatures to satisfy your character.

To cook one of these creatures you simply tap it and drag it into the boiling water where it will sit for a moment before going into your hunger meter to fill you up.  While they are in the boiling water they have sad little voice bubbles which say, “AHHHH” and “OUCH” which while dark still manages to be cute. 

This simple game play does get more difficult as you progress through the levels.  In the first few levels it is easy to just drag a few creatures into the water and pass the level, but eventually you need to make more complex recopies, fight off birds who are attempting to save the creatures from your pot, and even add different items to your cooking fire to keep it going nice and hot.  

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To gather some of these items you can collect money from the creatures by hanging them upside down on a stick to shake any coins (or other prizes) out of their pockets before placing them in the boiling water.  While this seems just mean at first, it is a great way to build up the money you'll need to buy all the great cooking supplies you'll need for the more difficult levels. 

The game has dozens of levels, each with a different set of requirements and challenges associated with it which help to keep it fun.  The simple game play and controls are perfect for players of all ages because they are nice and easy to figure out yet still provide enough precise control to ensure you're able to complete all the tasks successfully. 

This game has excellent graphics which are clearly designed to appeal to a younger audience, but are not so juvenile that they will be off putting to a more mature player.  The music and sound effects are both very well made and sound great.  Overall the development of the game is top notch though it does take a little longer than I would have expected to load some of the levels. 

If you enjoy cooking games this is definitely one you should give a try.  It is a fun game with lots of challenging levels which will keep you entertained for hours.  The game play is fast paced and you make quick progress not only through the levels but also with adding additional objects to use while cooking.   While the concept of cannibalism may be a little much for some kids, the game play is suitable for all ages and since the creatures are not even remotely human the questionable content would go right over the head of younger players.

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