Bunny Run Game Review for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Bunny Run is a free application that allows you to play as a bunny and avoid getting smashed by vehicles. Whether you’re crossing the road or crossing train tracks, you’ll want to be careful and avoid being dinner for scavengers. Bunny Run is an arcade romp that’s sure to keep you entertained when you have some extra downtime.

Bunny Run is a run and dodge type application that promises to take the run and dodge type applications to a whole new level. It can be related to the old school game Frogger. You were constantly in a rush and trying to not get squished by traffic. Well unlike Frogger, Bunny Run has unique dynamics, amazing graphics and endless gameplay to keep you occupied.

When players start the game they’ll have three lives and they’ll be rewarded if they make any close calls or take some risks during their journey. Barely escaping and almost getting smashed will be rewarded with a close calls style reward system. If you barely skim by a boat, train, river or anything that could end you, you’ll get bonus points. As players start the game, they will begin with three lives.

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There Are Currently Three Available Game Modes

Don’t Get Smashed – The goal of this mode is simply to avoid being smashed by anything that might smash you. This list includes trains, cars, boats, etc.

Roads Only – If you’re feeling brave and like you’re up to the challenge, you may take on this mode where you’ll only be on the busiest roads and highways.

Trainworld – If you grow bored of dodging cars and trucks you can take on what’s called Trainworld mode. The name is straight forward and the goal is to get across as many train tracks as possible.

What makes Bunny Run so unique is the endless gameplay style. Most games have a starting point and an ending point. Well in Bunny Run, the game will only end when you run out of lives. You could theoretically keep going on forever. There’s also integration of social networks into the application which allow you to brag to your friends and share your score with everyone. If you ever get lost or need help, there’s a full in-depth and detailed section for tutorials and a guide to playing the game. If you’d like to go back to some of your previous scores, the scoreboard will keep track of your best scores.

So, if you’re looking for an application with solid music and great graphics, you should download Bunny Run today. Bunny Run is completely free and is constantly being updated. New game modes and features are currently on the way and under development according to the owner. The app won’t cost you a single penny because it’s 100% free. The game is great for children and adults but mostly children would more than likely find the game desirable due to the very cartoon like graphics. If you’re bored at work or want something to entertain your children, Bunny Run is sure to keep the whole family entertained!

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