Bubble Grubble App Review

A good majority of app downloads are in the form of mobile games. These games come in many forms, but the favorite category of games is physics based games, with puzzles to solve in free time. Bubble Grubble fits the description of a perfect game to play whenever you’re bored or when you have a little extra time on your hands. It’s one of those games that can keep you entertained for as long as you need it to, keeping your mind trying to figure out the next puzzle. Bubble Grubble is a simple looking game, but it takes thought to feed those birds.

So, Bubble Grubble is a new physics based puzzle game, in which a mother bird is desperate to care for her chicks. With a story filled with obstacles, diamonds, crows, and delicious insects, this game will always be a good time. Although the characters may not appeal to some, the game itself will probably keep just about anyone interested. By shooting bombs at insects and trapping them in bubbles, you can guide them into the very hungry beaks of your feathered young, who are patiently awaiting a meal. However, you never know what awaits in the next level to prevent the chicks from receiving their food.

This isn’t one of those cheaply made games, either. The developers put some real quality artwork into the game, with a friendly, cartoony look that attracts attention. With a wide color palette and creative characters, this game’s artwork is impressive. Not only that, but the game promises HD graphics, so that gameplay is clear as crystal. Now, even though many people don’t like tilt controls in a game, this game use them pretty well. If you’re someone well acquainted with the mechanics of an iPhone or iPad, then the controls of this game are as simple as touch and tilt. Though tilting controls on mobile devices are often confusing and sometimes inaccurate, that will just add to the challenge of beating the level. The levels vary in artwork and setup, allowing the user to avoid a boring display, and to really get interested in the game. The sounds are quirky and fun, and the game promises to be an addicting one, making it hard for you to look away or put your phone away. Bubble Grubble takes advantage of most of the iPhone’s mechanical advantages, making it quite possibly a very trendy game.

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It’s clear from the artwork, characters, and sound effects that this game would be best suited for children. Although, as has been seen with many other games that were originally intended for kids, this one may just appeal to older demographics as well, mainly due to its addictive puzzle-solving premise. It falls in the ranks with all of those games that people play while waiting for the subway or in the waiting room. Quite simply, this game is a perfect way to pass the time, keeping your mind occupied with a tricky puzzle at all times. 

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