BroadwayBarks for iPad

Children’s stories have changed quite a bit since the invention of mobile devices. This unique book, called Broadway Barks, is no exception. The app brings children much more than just a story to read before bedtime. It can bring those interactive activities, colorful illustrations, assisted reading, and more importantly, an educational experience. Your children will never get bored with this story or the app that it is part of. The story itself is based off of real issues in today’s society, and by reading it children will be brought up to speed on some of the important things that they never learn about in school.

So, the story is about a dog named Douglas. He lives in a park on his own, and has always been desperate to find a friend. One day, he meets a red haired stranger. She comes up with a clever idea and brings the dog to a Broadway stage. There, Douglas will have to put on a pretty great show, because his adoption is on the line. That pretty stranger that Douglas meets in the park is the Tony-award winning actress, Bernadette Peters, and outside of the storybook, she makes her goal to find lonely dogs new homes.

Bernadette thought of the idea of this storybook app to educate children on the importance of animal safety and finding homes for those animals who don’t have human companions. However, that’s not all that kids can learn from this book. By reading Douglas’s story, children will expand their vocabularies without even realizing it. However, if they would rather relax with the story, the app offers the option to have the book read to them, complete with automatic page turning. So, children can still feel independent while not struggling to sound out words around bedtime.

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Now, for the kids, the end is the best part of the book. However, with this app, the story never ends. Children have the opportunity to choose how things go for Douglas, making his show the best that they can. They can help to make sure that Douglas finds the friend he’s looking for. They can also enjoy the music in the app that is sung and written by Bernadette Peters herself. It’s a one of a kind app for kids that they will never forget. It’s one of those stories that you can read over and over and still be excited about it.

I would recommend this app to any parent who wants to let their kids know about how they can help their furry little friends. Bernadette Peters knew how important animal adoption is, and by creating this app, she hoped to educate kids on caring for animals. The app offers endless fun for your children, and their vocabulary will quietly improve each time they read the story of Douglas and his new friend. With unbeatable features and options, this app will show children a storybook unlike any that they have ever read before, and they will surely love it.

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