Boulder Dash XL App Review

Boulder Dash is an interesting game which is simple in concept, but difficult to master.  The idea of the game is not new in that you’re controlling a character in a 2D world where you have to find gems by walking through an underground area.  You can dig through sand to explore new areas, push round rocks to crush enemies or allow you to get to the other side of them.  There are other tops of rocks which you can’t dig through so you’ll have to explore your way around them. 

When digging through the world you’ll have to be careful not to dig through an area of sand that is supporting a boulder or it might come crashing down on you!  The object of the game is to find enough gems to unlock the exit and move on to the next world.  Once the exit is unlocked you will need to locate it and go through before your time runs out.  As you progress through the different levels it will become more and more difficult to find ways to access all the gems, and the enemies get smarter and more powerful as well.

Unlike other games of this style, you will have ‘power-ups’ which you can find in the level to help you with a variety of tasks.  Each of the two main characters will have a main power arm which they can use to move heavier rocks out of the way when needed.  These power arms will require you to find the right power ups to enable that so make sure you’re looking through the entire area of each level to find everything you need.

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The difficult of this game progresses very smoothly which makes it very simple to pick up and learn to play, but still entertaining as you move through all the levels.  You’ll enjoy playing through the game just to beat each level, and then going back again and again trying to beat your high score!  The score of each level is calculated by a combination of how much gems you find, the time it takes you to complete the level, which enemies you kill and whether or not you found the power-ups available. 

This game has a very ‘retro’ look and feel with fairly simple graphics and sound effects.  They have done this in a way that doesn’t detract from the game at all, and in fact you’ll likely like the simplicity of the design since it really adds to the environment you’re playing in. 

This game is perfect for people who like to be able to pick up a game and play it either for a few minutes, or for a longer period of time.  You don’t have to dedicate hours on end to enjoy this game, but it also doesn’t get boring quickly.  It is excellent for gamers of virtually all ages because the controls are very easy to use and the whole game is simple to understand. 

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