Boom The Rock App Review

If you are looking for a game that will have you finding it hard to let go of your iPhone, then Boom the Rock is what you want. It combines all of the best qualities in mobile games, making it a perfect candidate for your next gaming adventure. I knew, from the minute I started to play, that I was in for some fun and that I was going to be playing this game for a while. Reminiscent of some of the older style arcade games, souped up with great graphics and a creative, cartoony look, Boom the Rock is a great creation from Hooligans Entertainment. The game may not be popular yet, but I see it becoming one of the most played games this year.

That may seem like a lot of praise to give a game, but Boom the Rock definitely deserves it. The gameplay itself is the main reason that I fell in love with it. First and foremost, your mission is to save the Earth. It may be a lot of weight to put on one person’s shoulders, but as a brilliant rocket scientist, you can handle the task. With your rocket, you must avoid explosives, space rocks, and other obstacles in order to save your mother planet. With unique mechanics, you are responsible for setting a path for your rocket and using anchors and objects to guide it to its destination. As you would expect, saving the Earth can be a pretty dramatic experience, and the challenging action in this game will have you clenching your jaw. It’s a strategic puzzle game that will wrack your brain until you find the solution for upwards of 64 levels. The best part is, each level is completely different from the last, giving you something new to look forward to after each success.

Now, the design of the game is also something to consider about this app. Once again, though, I was thoroughly impressed. The cartoony style of the game is perfect for the storyline, and your character of the brilliant scientist is well illustrated. It’s a game concept that is really unlike any I’ve ever seen before. I mean, everyone has got be getting sick of all of the Angry Birds remakes and imitators. Boom the Rock is a game that is independently unique, giving you an entirely new gaming experience. A voyage in space as a rocket scientist, now that sounds like a good time, right?

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Boom the Rock is a strategic game that takes some thinking, but it is illustrated and designed in a way that makes it friendly for all ages. It makes take a bit more effort from very young children, but after getting the concept, they will become addicted as well. This is one of those games that will be on thousands of phones around the country very soon. There is just so much about Boom the Rock that makes it a great play, and people will soon recognize it. 

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