Apple and Microsoft Come Together in Polaris Office!

Polaris Office is a pretty unique app of its kind.  To sum it up, it allows Apple users with devices such as the iPad or iPhone to access and edit Microsoft Office documents.  Of course, it's a lot more extensive than just that; but this is why it has become one of the most popular business apps to date.  As for its cost, many people believe that the worth definitely meets its value. 

So, what are some of the unique features that this app offers?  First off, the design and visual quality is absolutely beautiful.  It is clearly obvious that the developer took some time in creating a very professional app.  Plus, it seems pretty basic and user-friendly which is always a major benefit.  However, there are some sample documents that will show the way if there are any questions. 

But, the functionality of the app is the highlight.  From the main screen, you are given a list of the different documents that are saved or uploaded.  A great suggestion to the developer would be a way to upload directly from the app.  The only way possible is by accessing the document from your device and opening it in Polaris Office itself.  But, once this is done, the document is officially saved and can be edited. 

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Because you're able to access Microsoft, this includes all of the features that Office has to offer such as Excel, PDF capabilities, and even PowerPoint.  In fact, it's pretty amazing at how the PowerPoint section works since it is very similar to an actual PC.  It's pretty clear that the creator wanted to mimic the design and options to guarantee easy use. 

And because there isn't any limitation on the amount of documents that are saved, you can actually separate them into categories for great organization.  Even still, there is a search icon located on practically every page that allows you to find the preferred document with ease.  There isn't any other app on the market that is this convenient!

There are only two negative approaches to this app that will hopefully be fixed in the upcoming updates.  It seems as though there isn't a way to send the document to your email.  You can edit and save a document onto your device, but that's about the extent.  Of course, there are tricks that can be used to send the document via email, but the iCloud or DropBox feature to upload would be a better option for this app. 

As for the PDF files, these are great to view on your Apple device, but doesn't give any options for editing.  Again, this would be a phenomenal feature to make this app even more useful than it already is.  The fact is that Polaris Office is the first app of its kind to link Microsoft and Apple together.  And luckily, there are some pretty extensive updates expected in the future.  

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