App Review - SYSTEM UTIL Dashboard

System Util Dashboard is an app which is designed to help you better understand how your mobile device is working at any given moment.  It will provide you with detailed information about a wide range of different things going on in your device, and tips on how to improve the overall performance.  The app is set up in a very easy to understand and read format which makes this information understandable to people whether they have a lot of technical experience, or are just casual users.

The app will provide you with useful information in the following areas:

Battery – This section tells you how much battery life you have.  When you tap on the display it will give you details on how long your device will run based on its current charge doing different activities.  In this section are also many tips for improving your device’s battery life.

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Memory – The memory in any computing device is one of the most critical components to keep it running quickly and smoothly.  This section will tell you exactly how much memory you have, how much is being used and how much is available.  It will even tell you how to close down some apps to free up additional memory.

CPU & Processors – This section shows you how much of your CPU is being utilized.  This is an interesting statistic which allows you to identify which, if any, apps are using a lot of CPU resources so you can close them down if needed.

Disk Space – Disk space is what is used to save apps, music, videos and other things on your device.  Knowing what is taking up the space is an important part of managing the life of your mobile device.

Network – This monitors your connection to the Internet.  This is one of the most useful tools in the app as it can identify how fast your internet connection is at any given time.  It will also tell you how much data is being uploaded and downloaded at any given time.

General Information – Finally, there is an area which gives detailed information about your device.  Most of this information is also available in the settings section of your device but it is nice to have everything compiled in one area like this.

The true power of this app comes when you combine all the information it provides together to give you a great overview of how your mobile device is running.  You can take that information and make small changes to how you use your device which can have a big impact on its overall performance.

Following the instructions, for example, that tell you how to shut down apps that are running in the background is a quick and easy way to free up a significant amount of memory and CPU utilization so it can be used for other apps.  This will improve the performance of your device without sacrificing on any important features.  Smart phones, iPods, iPads and other mobile devices are computers just like laptops or desktops so it is important to manage their resources, and this app is the ideal way to do just that.





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