App Review - Physics Slots Free HD

Physics slots HD is a great slot machine simulator for your mobile device.  The free version comes with three unique types of slots, each with a progressive jackpot and multiple different betting options to choose from.  Whether you like the classic slot set up with lucky 7's, the bar and the bell, the fruit themed slots or a fun option based on playing cards, this game has it all. 

Anyone who enjoys playing slots will enjoy this great game which allows you to take all the slot machine fun with you anywhere you go.  You'll start out with 1000 credits that can be used on any of the three slot machine types.  You can then choose to bet one to three credits per spin just like on the real machines at a casino.   The developers of this app have done a great job at bringing the realism of a casino into this great game.

The payouts for each of the slot types is simple to follow and matches the most common options on real slots as well.  In addition you can win the progressive jackpot which goes up higher and higher the longer you play.  This jackpot is a great feature which many of the virtual slot machines don't come with today.  It makes this app one of the best available on the app store for anyone that wants the most realistic slots around. 

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In addition to racking up credits by winning the slots or even the jackpot, you also get an hourly bonus just for playing the game.  This helps to keep you going through times when you’re having bad luck until you really hit it big!  Another thing to keep you going is the fun bonus games.  You can randomly win a chance to win some extra credits by playing one of several different bonus games!

The graphics on this game are truly excellent and really help to bring out the look and feel of actual slot machines in real casinos.  In addition to the great look of the slots, the sounds and music that come with this app sound like they are straight out of a casino.  You'll feel like you're sitting right in front of a real slot machine when playing this great app. The only thing this app is missing is a pull arm to spin the slots, but the quick press of a button will get the wheel spinning for you and is just as fun!

This game is perfect for players of all ages.  It's simple enough for children to play and have fun with.  The easy push button controls to spin the wheel are very easy to learn and operate.  Of course the real fun will be had by adults who have enjoyed real slots in the past.  While you're not actually going to be winning any cash, you'll still get that great thrill every time you hit three 7's or better yet win the progressive jackpot.  This is the perfect app for anyone that loves slot machines and wants to be able to take the fun with them everywhere they go. 

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