App Review: Natural Tots

Natural Tots is a new addition to the app market which aims to develop your child's learning skills as well as providing an entertaining app for them to use on the iPad or iPhone. You may have been looking for a suitable app for your child and Natural Tots answers this call. With 18 different images for your child to play with and uncover, this is the toddler and baby friendly app that you have been searching for.

Natural Tots is a very simple application that aims to both educate your baby or toddler as well as to help them experience the iPad for the first time. The idea of the app is to display a set of images from nature obscured with squiggles and other doodle objects. By swiping ones finger across the screen you can reveal the image behind and will get your toddler used to the touch screen of the iPad or iPhone. Whenever an image is finally revealed by your child, a phrase is spoken about that image to better describe what exactly is going on in the picture.

Parental controls are also included with the Natural Tots app, so as the parent you can alter the settings of the application. With a press and hold picture accessing the settings is designed to be as 'childproof' as possible for this simple app. This way you can change such things as what doodle covers the picture and the volume for all the sound effects associated with the app. Using this you can tailor the experience of the app specifically to your baby and only include all their favourite features.

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While also teaching your child how to use the iPad and improve hand eye coordination, Natural Tots improves literacy rates and speech in young children. As stated, once the image is revealed a phrase is spoken regarding what can be seen in the picture. This way your baby can begin associating more images with phrases and add them to their vocabulary.

Not only this, but Natural Tots helps to show babies and toddlers causes and effects. Whenever they swipe the screen the covering of the image is removed and they will be able to learn how they can interact in a technological world. They can then bring these acquired skills to play in everyday life and improve their overall development.

At $2.99, while still pricier than most apps it's obviously still a very cheap addition to your iPad in the grand scheme of things. I have found that it is a great addition if you do have young children, particularly babies, as they will really begin to enjoy using the iPad. If you can get your children started with this app and understanding exactly how a touch screen works their development at this early stage will be seriously sped up. Natural Tots is certainly a very nice app to be engaging your children with and is truly an app for any young age.

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