App Review: Hello,Cappuccino (Cafe Manager)

Hello, Cappuccino is a restaurant management game where you are the manager of a new cafe and you have to grow your business so it becomes the most successful cafe in the world.  Restaurant management games are nothing new, especially when it comes to playing on mobile devices, but this one does an excellent job at taking the best aspects of all the other games and combining them into this fun app.

When just starting out in Hello, Cappuccino you own a very basic cafe and you are only able to make extremely simple things such as cappuccino and coffee.  To make sure your cafe grows you need to make sure you keep the things you do have available in stock and ready for your customers.  As time goes by you'll gain the experience and resources needed to expand your recipe book with desserts, other drinks and different types of food. 

In addition to growing your skills as a cafe chef you need to make sure you have the space available to serve your food and drinks to your customers.  You start out with only two areas where you can place the selections for your customers to buy, but as you build up some money you can purchase extra areas.  You can also purchase more cooking surfaces so you can cook multiple items at the same time.  This is all part of managing your new cafe and if you do it well you'll have more customers than you can handle in no time.

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That brings you to the next activity in this fun game, expanding and managing the physical cafe itself.  As your cafe gets busier and busier you'll need to purchase more tables and chairs for them all.  Keeping everything laid out properly so you can make the best use of the space you have is extremely important if you want to have the best possible cafe.  You also have the option to decorate your floors and walls to keep the customers happy while they are eating. 

One of the best things about this game is that you can play it for two minutes or two hours at a time and you’ll still have a great time.  If you know you won't be playing it for a while you can often set up items to cook which take a long time to complete.  Once the cooking is done you'll get a nice push notification to your phone letting you know that you can set it out for your customers.

This game is perfect for players of all ages because the game really tailors itself to your skill rather than requiring the player to have the ability to play at the games level like most other apps.  If, for example, a younger or less experienced player plays it they can build up their cafe much more slowly, but they will still enjoy the process.  More experienced players will often be able to more efficiently manage the cafe so they can build up much more quickly which will keep the game fun and challenging for them.  

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