App Review - Head in the Clouds

Warren Charles is a Los Angeles based rock quartet, which has released their latest album, Head in the Clouds.  In addition to the album; however, they also release this app which allows you to listen to all the different songs while taking part in a wide range of different activities.  They created quite an interesting app with a variety of different games and activities which are matched up to their songs.  This is really an interesting way to expand their audience and give people a fun way to listen to their new album.

There are a number of excellent features in this app, some of which are directly pulled from the lyrics of the songs and others are just fun or interesting things to do while listening to their music.  The free version of this app allows you to listen to the full album and play games, and then there is a paid version which unlocks additional band content and three additional games to enjoy.

Whether you’re already a fan of Warren Charles or you’ve never even heard of them this is a fun and interesting way to listen to any album.  They are clearly ahead of the curve when it comes to promoting their album and I expect that many bands will be releasing new apps along with their albums in the future.

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When you open this app up you’ll be directed to the front page which has a variety of different flashing areas on a picture.  When you tap an area it will begin playing one of the songs from the album and bring you to a fun game or activity.  You can test your memory by finding hidden objects, look through the album’s artwork or look at different custom pictures from the lyric book. 

You can also read more about each song and learn a little bit about what the band was thinking when they wrote and recorded it.  This app has truly made the experience of getting a new album interactive and much more exciting.  You can feel like you’re actually getting to know the band while listening to their album. 

Of course, you can also stream the entire album using a custom analog media player within the app so you don’t have to play the games if you’re just looking to listen for a while.  You can even watch their music videos on the songs that have them. 

Overall this app was very well made and will not only help get this band some additional fans, but will also help fans enjoy their music more.  If you’re just buying the app to have easy access to their music, you won’t be disappointed.  It is simple to pull up their album and listen anytime you want, and their music is actually quite good.  From the time you open this app until you’re done listening, it is well designed and simple to use.  The music is well made and sounds very professional making this a very well put together app.





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