App Review - Get Happy – Ways to Increase Your Happiness

The Get Happy app was designed by a practicing clinical psychologist to give its users useful tips and advice to help them improve their overall happiness in their life.  This is done using evidence-based advice known to be effective for a wide range of different people.  As you get the advice each day you can rate it on how well it applies to your specific life so that the app can better tailor future tips to you.  While this app cannot replace the advice of a professional therapist, it does a great job at giving you small reminders to keep working on the improvement of your life.

How It Works

When you buy this app you’ll have access to hundreds of different tips which have been proven to be effective by clinical psychologists.  The tips are pushed to your mobile device each day from one of four different categories which have the biggest impact in people’s lives.  These categories are relationships, personal growth, leisure and work/education. 

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When you start the app for the first time you can set how happy you are in each of these four categories so that the app will provide you with tips in the areas where you need the most advice.  You can adjust the settings on each of these areas as time passes as well so the app will always be best suited for the situation you are in at the time. 

You can also go through and manually read the tips if you have some extra time and are looking to get some information quickly.  Whether you search through one category or you use the search feature to find any advice on a specific topic, this is a great way to get a jump start into improving your happiness. 

Each tip has a main subject and then a paragraph or two of information about what the tip is and how you can put it into action in your life.  When you receive your daily tip you can read through it and learn what it is saying in just a few minutes which make this a simple way to help guide your life in the right direction.

If you find any specific tips which you believe are very helpful to yourself, or you know someone who could benefit from a particular tip you can share it using email, Twitter or Facebook quickly and easily.  This is a great little feature which helps this app become even more useful to yourself and others you know. 

While this app is great for people who are unhappy as it can help lead them slowly toward happiness in their life, it is also perfect for people who are already quite happy and just looking to improve.  The app is full of great tips which can make small, but significant changes in anyone’s life.  The app is for people of all ages though some of the concepts might be too complex for the youngest users.  This app is not intended to replace any professional therapy you may be seeking. 

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