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The dream is a children's story about the main character named Ahmad and his adventure.  The book can be either read by kids, or the app will read it to the children making it a fun app for kids from about age two through twelve.  In addition to the story this app includes a 'fact find' section where you can tap on highlighted words while reading the story to learn some fun facts such as what different words mean.  There is also a 'happy bazzar' which is a place to find related apps quickly and easily.  There are several related apps to choose from and with a quick tap you'll be taken right to the app store. 

Overall this app was very well made and has excellent illustration and the voice is excellent.  When kids have the story read to them they will stay engaged throughout the story which is a great benefit since so many stories today are boring and kids get sick of them quickly.  The woman's voice who reads the story is very clear and easy to understand which makes it even better.  She does not read too fast or too slow and actually has a good inflection to her voice which was unexpected for a phone app.

The story is pretty good for a child's story.  Obviously adults would not enjoy it quite as much so just make sure to note that this is not an app for adults or even older children.  The story is great for young children however and follows Ahmad on his journey from being a ditch digger to an adventure with a camel and much more.  They will enjoy that there is both adventure and comedy put into the story which will keep them entertained. 

The images used in this app were clearly done by a professional and look incredibly good.  So many apps today just have very low quality pictures used in their apps, but the dream really went all out to have a high quality illustration for every 'page'.

The one down side to this app is that once the kids have read through the book a few times and reviewed each of the fun facts it really loses its appeal.  That is, unless they are able to buy the extra apps which appear to continue the story of Ahmad and his family.  As a standalone app, however, the amount of time any child will want to hear the same story is going to be fairly limited.  This app would be perfect for any family that is going on a road trip or some other situation where they want their kids to have something to entertain them for a few hours. 

Another nice thing about this app is that it has a Middle Eastern main character which is nice.  Whether you're from the Middle East or your just looking for a little diversity in your children's books this is an excellent change from the normal books available for kids today.  

This universal app is available for free from App Store and there is a pro version also available for $2.99.

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