App Review Christmas Special - Jolly Jingle Free

If you're looking for a fun and educational app for you or your children this Christmas, Jolly Jingle might be just the one.  This app is designed to help people learn some of the most popular Christmas songs around, but it really goes a step beyond that for children.  Kids will enjoy listening to and learning their favorite Christmas tunes, but while learning the songs they will also be practicing their reading skill!

The app works in a similar way to a karaoke machine in that it displays the words of each song as it is singing them.  This encourages users to not only sing along to the songs, but also practice reading as well.  The app is perfect for an individual or small groups who want to sing along all together, which can be very fun for a Christmas themed party or other event.

Your kids will love the bright pictures and other graphics which were used in this app.  They will see characters like Santa, Frosty and Rudolph on the screen helping to sing along to their favorite Christmas carols.  This will help keep them engaged and learning these songs.  The songs included in this app are:

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·         Jingle Bells

·         Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

·         Frosty the Snowman

·         Up on the Housetop

·         We Wish you a Merry Christmas

There are four versions of each of these songs included so your kids won't get bored listening to the same one ever time!

One of the best things about this app is it is clearly designed for children to allow them to easily understand how it works.  Most kids will be able to pick up the app and begin using it properly right away so parents won't have to be constantly bothered to change songs or start another section.  This gives the children a great feeling of independence which they will love, especially while singing these fun songs. 

The songs are song in a fun and energetic way by a group of kids which makes it even more fun for your children to sing along with.  The lyrics are displayed in a large, easy to read font so your kids can easily follow along while learning the song, and then read ahead (which helps them learn to read even better) so they are ready for each new verse. 

In addition to learning these songs, there are fun Christmas themed objects which the kids can interact with to add a little extra fun and excitement to the app.  The interaction which takes place throughout the app gives it a fun, almost game like feeling so your kids will want to play it again and again.  By the time they have finished playing this fun app they will be able to sing along to all the different Christmas carols at your next party, or even when they come on the radio. 

This app is perfect for children of any age, or even teenagers and adults who want to learn the proper words to some of the most famous Christmas songs played today.

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