App Review: A better speaker

This app is designed to help you become a better speaker.  This is important for people who want to be able to speak more clearly and confidently in a variety of different situations ranging from holding professional meetings to giving presentations at conferences.  The app is broken up into different sections to specifically address all the major points to help improve your speaking abilities.  This ranges from breathing techniques, annunciation, posture and many others.

The app was designed and created by two of the top US voice-over artists in the US, Jonathan Tilley and Jonathan Agar.  These two individuals have many years of experience not only providing their voice over talents to commercials, movies and more, but also giving public speeches and presentations. They have decided to combine their efforts in creating a unique app to help anyone who wants or needs to improve their speaking skills quickly and easily.

One of the best things about this app is that it allows you to practice your speaking skills from the privacy of your own home or office.  You don't have to attend classes or get up in front of people before you're ready.  This is perfect for people who are already effective speakers, but want to take it to the next level, or people who have never given a public speech before.   

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When you get this app you'll start out with an introduction to the app with instructions on how to navigate through it.  The app is quite simple to use so this introduction won't take long at all.  Once you're ready you can go through several warm-up activities to get you ready to practice your speech skills.  Finally, you'll have 10 additional exercises to choose from.  These exercises are from a variety of different categories and include about 20 minutes of audio instructions to help you learn the concepts they are teaching.

Once you've mastered the instructions you can use the in-app purchases to get additional packs of instructions.  With all the in-app purchases you'll have access to nearly 2.5 hours of audio training as well as countless hours of speaking practice materials to use.  You can record your own voice and play it back to hear yourself and work to make improvements. All the different tools included in this app are designed to help you learn all you'll need to know to be able to confidently give public speeches.

This app is perfect for students participating in debate clubs, professionals who want to be able to host important meetings more confidently and effectively, and anyone who may have to give any sort of public speech in their life.  Whether you want to be a politician, a coach, a manager or virtually any other type of professional job you'll benefit from improved speaking abilities.  For such an affordable price, this is an excellent app which can give you the speaking skills you need to be able to move up in your career.  

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