Apocalypse Knights App Review

Many times, the large amount of apps that are housed by Apple’s App Store can prove to be a bit daunting - especially considering that tons and tons of noteworthy applications slip under the majority of gamers’ radars only to face their App Store demises. Apocalypse Knights (free), a new game from InterServ International, is one of these titles. Not yet at its failing point, though, the hidden gem is definitely worth checking out.

With the amount of fun and potential to become a dominant App Store title, Apocalypse Knights poses you with defending yourself against onslaughts of deadly, demonic enemies that are out to kill you.

Although the game doesn’t formally introduce you to the controls, you’ll understand the gist of them by playing through the initial levels, which are a bit easier. The more minute buttons are difficult to decipher as to what they do exactly, however. A joystick on the left side of the screen moves the main character around and a big button that occupies a prominent portion of the right side allows your character to attack your enemies. Chaining multiple attacks repeatedly will result in a larger, more deadly blow to your opposition.

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While the former is incredibly responsive to every motion of your thumb, the attack button is difficult to press. Often at times, the surrounding buttons get in the way, and due to the small distance in between each, you’ll accidentally press the wrong button. Not only does this hinder the gameplay in that you may be attacked in this time, you may also deplete the limited supply of resources represented by the many other buttons.

Despite the fact that you don’t have to pay a cent to play Apocalypse Knights, the app comes loaded with content throughout. You’ll play your way through ten stages, which doesn’t seem like a lot in truth, but these consist of multiple waves of enemy onslaughts – though the amount of content is appreciated, it’s a bit cumbersome to play through each level, and gameplay quickly gets relatively boring.

The game’s artwork has been perfected to an optimal extent. The various dungeons and such environments in which you’ll play in are murky and gloomy with shadows that creep in around the corners. The attacks and their respective animations are graphically rich, and each character sprite is respectably crafted.

Albeit the game comes with minor flaws, it has executed exceptionally well. For free, it’s incontrovertibly irresistible. 

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