AP Calculus Review

The AP Calculus power review app is made to help anyone get ready for a big test or exam in their AP Calculus class.  Everyone knows that calculus is one of the most difficult math courses around and when you're in the advanced placement class it is even more difficult.  This app is great because it allows you to pull it out and start studying anywhere you go.  There are two main sections to the app, study and information. 

The study section allows you to practice all different types of calculus problems and helps you learn the difficult concepts.  It's like having a professor right in your pocket ready to help you learn any of the many complex concepts in AP calculus.  This section has multiple sub-sections so it is very easy to locate the exact topic you need help with.  From functions, graphs and limits to Integrals and anything else you might come across in your calculus class, it's all here. 

For some people it is most helpful to just learn about the different areas of this class from a different point of view.  Even if your instructor is excellent at what they do it can be very beneficial to get a different approach to teaching once in a while to help really make the concepts come together more clearly.  This is exactly what this app does, and it does it very well. 

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The information section of the app contains many famous mathematics majors.  It also gives a list of all the best mathematics universities.  This is very helpful for anyone who is looking to attend a university for a math related degrees such as an architect or engineer.  For most people this will be a great little bonus section that helps them learn not only where they can go to learn more about math but also what types of things they can do with their advanced mathematics degree.

The AP Calculus app was clearly developed by highly trained instructors because they take this complex subject and make it much easier to learn.  They go through virtually every area of calculus and provide an excellent guide on how to best understand it so you can apply it to real world situations or just pass an upcoming exam.  Many apps that are so detailed and specific to one educational area go for many times more than this so purchasing this app is a very smart choice for anyone who is taking AP calculus or any advance mathematics course.

As most people would guess, this app is not made for everyone.  It is, however, the ideal app for anyone who is taking an AP calculus class or is interested in attending a university with a focus on math.  There are dozens of high paying careers that take advantage of this type of mathematics so it is growing in popularity every day.  Armed with this app many bright individuals who are learning calculus will be able to study on the go no matter where they are. 

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