AmIOK?! - Twitter, Facebook, email status sharing! for iPhone

With the exploding popularity of Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail and texting over the last ten years or so it has quickly become difficult to keep up on them all.  If you are spending time sending out messages to your friends and family through all these different tools it can get quite repetitive and time consuming.  The AmIOK app has solved that problem by allowing its users to make Facebook status updates, Twitter updates, and send e-mails and texts all at once.

The easy to use interface allows you to quickly choose whether you’re ok, not ok or you need help.  You can then type in the message into an easy to use message box that counts the characters for you so you don’t go over the Twitter limits.   Once you’ve got your message typed in you can choose to take a new picture or select one from your photo albums to be attached to your messages.  It will even use your mobile device’s GPS feature to attach the location if you want it to. 

After all these settings are selected you can choose where you want it sent.  You can choose to only update Twitter and Facebook but not send out a text.  You can choose to update all your friends and family at once by updating Facebook and Twitter as well as sending out a bulk e-mail and text message.  It is extremely flexible and easy to choose who you want to see it.

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The e-mail and text feature also let you choose only the contacts you want it to go to so you don’t spam people who might not be interested in hearing that particular update.  This is very useful when you only want to notify your family about something, and not your friends or vice versa. 

One of the most interesting things about this app is it will take the ‘mood’ of everyone using the app and load it on a map based on their location.  You can then load up the map any time you want to see what is going on in a particular area.  For example, if there is a concert happening at a nearby club, you can look and see if everyone is updating their status that they are in a happy mood if it is good!

Everything about this app was designed to be easy to use and very intuitive.  It will actually help you save time notifying and communicating with your contacts.  It also helps people who are constantly trying to keep all their social networking and other communications methods updated properly. 

The developers of this app have done an excellent job of implementing all the features you would want and are constantly improving it with more options as people make requests of them.  They are dedicated to the success of this fun app and as more and more people discover it and begin to use it regularly it will only become more useful.  This app is helping to change the way people stay in touch by making it faster and easier. 

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