Aggro Cubes for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Aggro Cubes is a fun game app which is getting extremely popular because of its simple, yet fun game play.  The object of the game is to make the red cubes fall off of a platform while keeping as many of the other cubes safe as possible.  There are a variety of different things you can do to make the red cubes fly off ranging from popping cubes off, expand and explode them and much much more.  As you progress through the game you’ll gain access to additional methods you can use to help you fly through the different levels.

To progress through the game you need to beat each level so you can advance on to the next.  There are dozens of different levels available so you’ll have many hours of enjoyment with this great game.  Even after you’ve completed each of the levels available you can go back and attempt to beat your high score for all the levels which gives it even more fun and excitement.  It is expected that there will be additional levels released with updates in the future as well so this is an excellent value.

One of the best things about this app is the fact that you can play it virtually any time and any place.  If you’ve got a few minutes between meetings at work, you can whip through a level or two.  You can also enjoy it for hours at a time without getting board because each and every level will require a different strategy to ensure you dominate.  This is great for both the casual gamer and someone who enjoys the challenge of dominating these fun apps. 

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The maker of this game, Brad Howard, did an excellent job with both the coding and the graphics of the app.  The physics used in the game is extremely accurate and makes the game both fun and easy to plan out (though very difficult to master).  The colors are very bright and vivid, especially if you have a device with a retina display.  You’ll love the detailed graphics both on the blocks you can play and the fun backgrounds.  Finally, the sound effects are fun and entertaining and really add a lot to the game.  This game loads up quickly and runs beautifully for virtually any length of time on any iPad, iPod touch or iPhone device you happen to own.

This is one of those great games which will be fun for virtually everyone who picks it up.  Younger players will love the fun colors and playing with all the different types of blocks.  As they get used to the interface they will be able to advance through the levels without too much trouble.  Older or more experienced players will enjoy the challenge of getting high scores and efficiently clearing off the red blocks so they can get to the next level.  This is an excellent app to get for just about anyone with any type of mobile device. 

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