Tim Cook is a Baller

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was the highest paid CEO for 2011. Reported by the New York Times [via Bloomberg], the data from research firm Equilar tracked Tim’s money flow for 2011. I think you'll be very surprised by the numbers...

Tim Cook made approximately $378 million. WOA…. That’s stupid money. Can you even fathom being that rich? All this money came from different sources including, salary, perks, and bonuses around $1.8 million. Tim was also given a one-time stock grant of $376.2 million that vests in 2016 and 2021.

So between now and 2021, Tim will make the rest of that $376 million in addition to his regular pay. Keep up the good work Tim! Those numbers are crazy! According to Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt, that works out to be a whopping $103,000 a day! That’s insane. He makes $215 on a three minute trip to the bathroom...

Apple has a great 2011! Since Tim took the CEO spot, Apple’s stock has risen from $375 a share to over $600beating out Google in price per share! Apple is currently the most valuable company with the highest market cap!

Go Apple!

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