French Designer's "Revolutionary" New Project is Just an Apple Store... [UPDATE It's a Yacht]

News broke earlier today about renowned French designer Philippe Starck’s radio interview, saying he was working on a “revolutionary” new project with Apple. Quickly many began to speculate what this new Apple-born project could be. It's also important to note that it was called a "project" not a "product"...

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According to Philippe, "Indeed, there is a big project together which will be out in eight months".

We tend to associate Apple with products our minds went in every direction thinking of what new product could come from this rumor. Well it turns out it may be nothing more than a fancy design for a future Apple Store. This isn’t a bad thing just kind of a let down for me. But that’s what I get for buying into juicy rumors…

A recent post from Sebastien Page of iDownloadBlog noted:

According to a trustworthy source in France, Philippe Starck is actually working on a design for a future Apple Store. I wasn’t able to get more details out of my contact, but I do trust her. And from what I hear, this is hardly a secret in the small French world of design and architecture.

According to a Google’d translation, Philippe said, ”For seven years I came to see him [Steve Jobs] once a month in Palo Alto.” Apparently they had a friendship going on… some kind of bromance. So much that Philippe said he still meets up with Steve’s wife Laurene Powell and keeps in contact.

So I guess we’ll have to wait to find out what this project could possibly be.

What do you think?


Apparently Apple denies working on any project with Philippe...

AllThingsD weighed in:

Reached for comment, an Apple spokeswoman said the company is not working on a new product with Starck. And while she declined to speculate about what the designer might have been referring to when he told France Info Radio that he and Apple “have a big project together that will be out in eight months,” there’s a good explanation for the remark.

According to Cult of Mac they we're working on Steve Jobs's Yatch. So I guess this whole thing was nothing more than a boat... I guess we'll just have to wait.

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