Apple is “10 Years Behind Microsoft In Terms Of Security”

Since the outbreak of the Flashback Trojan many have had reasonable concerns for their security when it comes to a Mac. The Mac has been overly known for being safe from viruses, malware, and other computer issues.  Lately it seems as if that level of  security has been compromised.

Kaspersky, the anti-virus company that helped in the removal of the latest Flashback Trojan, says the Mac isn't safe anymore...

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Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and co-founder of Kaspersky, says that Apple is “10 years behind Microsoft in terms of security,” and needs to run regular audits for security vulnerabilities of their software. Apple puts so much time into disabling vulnerabilities for potential Jailbreak hacks that maybe they've overlooked OS X.

The Flashback Trojan infected more than 600,000 Macs, and now Kaspersky believes it's time to ramp up the safety for OS X. Eugene Kaspersky also believe it's only a matter of time before Apple has the “same problems Microsoft had ten or 12 years ago.” ”They [Apple] will have to make changes in terms of the cycle of updates and so on and will be forced to invest more into their security audits for the software.”

While some of this is true, it also looks as if they are trying to sell a product. Now I'm not here to bash on any type of product they may offer, but it's clear they are utilizing the Flashback Trojan to plant a seed. Since the outbreak, I've seen a bunch of online ads for Kaspersky's software. Seems like they upped their price per click in advertising in hopes to reach some virus fearing Mac users.

There's no denying that eventually Apple will have to step up security. But I think they are well aware of these matters. The latest and currently unreleased Mountain Lion includes a new security feature called Gatekeeper which is supposed to add to the security measures on a Mac. But I agree that steps must be taken to prevent malware from infecting Macs, I just think that most of the software currently available is bloated with expensive features that are unnecessary.

Source: CBR Online via The Verge

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