ZION, In-Ear Eco-Friendly Earphones. Get top-quality sound while also donating to charity.

Siva's Reviews: House Of Marley Zion earphones


House Of Marley makes an ever-expanding line up of excellent products. Not only do they make high-quality accessories that function exquisitely, but also, their commitment to providing us with the best products, produced in the most eco-friendly manner is respectable and commendable.

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I'm a big fan of House Of Marley, in part because of their business ethic and in part because of their precision crafted, well-functioning tech-tools. The House Of Marley catalog is filled with stylish, colorful, expressive and practical gear and accessories for your iLife. From the Bag Of Rhythm to the Lively Up backpack, you can rest assured that when you choose House Of Marley, you are choosing a product that raises the bar for “cool”, while also leaving a minimalistic environmental footprint.


Today's review features House Of Marley’s Zion, noise-isolating in-ear headphones.


Siva's Reviews: House Of Marley Zion earphones


Sporting a red, yellow and green (Rasta colors) durable fabric-covered earphone cord the Zion headphones bring the highest quality audio experience to the table. Truly (and especially for the relatively low price) you would have a hard time finding many better pairs of finely tuned earphones anywhere. My experience with these in-ear headphones was heavenly! Imagine; a singing quartz crystal, and you begin to get the picture. These earphones deliver a soundscape of pure clarity. With rich treble and resonant bass, all so perfectly balanced. The precision of the Zion at capturing the art of sound is awesome.


Siva's Reviews: House Of Marley Zion earphones


In my testing and evaluation, I put these earphones to the test with everything from roots reggae, my classical “water” playlist on Pandora, my iTunes MP3s on my iPhone and iPad, and a wide range of hi-def video games by such top production franchises as Unreal Engine and Gameloft.; two companies known, not just for their exceptional visual style, but also for the incredible accompanying-soundtrack quality that typically accompanies their creations. I also used them for phone calls, with thier in-line volume control and microphone.


Siva's Reviews: House Of Marley Zion earphones


In each instance, the Zion earphones presented me with an audio experience that I treasured. Of the headphones I have tested this year, these are some of the best. And as if that wasn't enough, two other things that make House Of Marley a particularly remarkable and amazing company to me: One, they use all or mostly all recycled materials in their products. Lots of fair-trade wood, reclaimed natural fabric and recycled aluminum. And two, they donate a portion of their profits to the charity founded by Bob Marley’s wife Rita Marley, 1Love.org.


Siva's Reviews: House Of Marley Zion earphones


In fact, right now, and for the next two weeks (starting Friday October 5th), Apple has entered into an exclusive deal with House Of Marley, as exclusive distributor of certain of the Marley's products, double the percentage being offered to charities, and with five percent of the profits going to the “Little Kids Rock” foundation, which supports musical education and expression in under-served schools in America.


Siva's Reviews: House Of Marley Zion earphones


If you are looking for a great pair of earphones, from a consciously progressive source, show your self and the planet some repsect and check out House Of Marley. The House Of Marley Zion in-ear, eco-friendly earphones are available HERE for $99.00.


And as a bonus for everyone who read this far; a little music video to lively-up yourself with; Johnny Cash covering Bob Marley's Redemption Song:



As always, thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more news and updates!

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