Your Gadgets' Best Friend: The SeV Revolution Plus TEC Jacket [Review]

Your Gadgets' Best Friend: The SeV Revolution Plus TEC Jacket [Review]

I love the changing of the seasons. In fact October is one of my favorite months here in the US. From coast to coast, temperatures are cooling down, trees are lighting up with brilliant colors, and there's a refreshing nip to the air. With the return of the cooler weather, many of us are rummaging through our closets, as we put away our warm weather gear and search for our winter wear. If you are in the market for a new winter jacket (or if you're contemplating giving a warm jacket to that special someone) have I got an amazing recommendation for you!

I've been a tech geek ever since I was a young child, and I've always had some kind of gadget with me on my adventures. I first got hip to the SCOTTeVEST (SeV) catalog of tech apparel about 10 years ago when I was given one of their hoodies for my birthday. I loved it and I wore it consistently for years, until my wife put her foot down and said she was "hiding" it (read: it's too old and ratty and don't ask where I "hid" it). Since then I've been a big fan of the brand and the line of outstanding quality tech clothing that they produce. Recently I've had the opportunity to review SCOTTeVEST's new Revolution Plus ($200), 26-pocket, men's winter jacket. Spoiler alert: It's amazing! This finely tailored jacket is an elegant fusion of fashion-friendly style and tech-friendly functionality. Truly, I know of no other jacket on the market that has gone to such great lengths to accommodate the techie traveler.



The Revolution Plus has a lot going for it. A great deal of time and attention to detail has been poured into this cold weather jacket, so let's dive right in and take a look at some of my favorite features.

  • Waterproof: The Revolution Plus employs a hot-melt lamination technique, called HEALSPO, and Teflon fabric protection for superior water protection. Along with waterproofing, the patented HEALSPO technology also facilitates excellent wicking, whereby perspiration vapor is drawn away from the body, making for a more comfortable wearing experience in a wider range of temperatures.

  • Magnets: While the Revolution Plus does utilize zippers for some of its pocket closures, many of the pockets rely upon tiny magnets embedded in the fabric to clamp the pockets shut. This makes getting in and out of the pockets a snap, no pun intended.

Your Gadgets' Best Friend: The SeV Revolution Plus TEC Jacket [Review]

  • Pockets, pockets, and more pockets: Speaking of pockets, how many pockets does your average winter coat pack? My Columbia winter jacket's 5 pocket storage can't hold a candle to SCOTTeVEST's whopping 26 pocket count. And if you think 26 pockets is excessive, trust me, if you ask most any traveling tech-geek or well organized businessman, they will testify that indeed, 26 pockets isn't too much. It's good to have storage options and with 26 pockets to choose from, (including one that's large enough to stow the iPad Air), it's easy to stay organized while carrying everything you need. In fact, with all of the convenient pockets the Revolution Plus offers the wearer, it's conceivable that you won't even need to carry a bag or briefcase around with you.

  • NOBULGE pocket design: Speaking of carrying things around with you, the SCOTTeVEST Revolution Plus utilizes what they call a NOBULGE pocket design, with specially engineered streamlined pockets that keep any items being toted from creating unsightly bulges or attracting unwanted attention.

  • Weight management: With this many pockets you might imagine this jacket can get a little heavy. While that may or may not be the case, depending on how you use it, the folks at SCOTTeVEST have come up with an ingenious structural solution which they call their Weight Management System. This system works by reinforcing the fabric at key points to create a jacket that actually helps you carry the extra weight in the most ergonomic and comfortable fashion possible. In my experience of the Weight Management System, it's actually more comfortable to carry gear around in the jacket, than strapped on my back or over my shoulder in a backpack or messenger bag.

Your Gadgets' Best Friend: The SeV Revolution Plus TEC Jacket [Review]

  • Warmth: This is key. After all, what good is a winter jacket that's not warm, right? The Revolution Plus is SCOTTeVEST's warmest offering, designed to keep you cozy even in freezing temperatures. It sports a thick inner quilted layer for maximum warmth on chilly days. In fact, if I had any minor gripe with the Revolution Plus it would be that the quilted lining isn't removable. The jacket would have a greater range of weather applications if the inner lining could be removed. As it stands now, this jacket is definitely geared towards colder weather, but it would be more versatile if the lining could be taken out, transforming the Revolution Plus into a lightweight top layer. On the plus side however, the sleeves and hood of the Revolution Plus are removable. This feature goes a long way toward making this jacket something that can be worn on freezing and snowy days when you'd probably just as soon stay home huddled by a fireplace, as well as on those warmer days of spring and fall adventures.


The SeV Revolution Plus is a cold weather jacket specifically geared toward satisfying the needs and criteria of the pocket-obsessed techie and the organized and active traveler. It serves its intended audience exceptionally well. The Revolution Plus gets a rare iPhone Life rating of 5 out of 5 Stars.


The Revolution Plus is just one of many high-quality pieces of tech apparel available at the SCOTTeVEST website. Their full catalog of tech-friendly gear is definitely worth checking out, especially as the cold weather holidays draw near. With their selection of travel jackets, vests, shirts and pants, for both men and women, you'll be sure to find something for anyone who might appreciate apparel that's practically custom-made for the iPhone Life community.

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