Workmate for the iPad mini passes Cygnett's brutal drop test. WARNING: Graphic content not suitable for all viewers!

Siva's Reviews: Cygnett Workmate for iPad mini


Cygnett releases a new video of iPad mini drop tests!

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If you cant see the video clip, click HERE.

Oh how these drop tests always make me cringe just a little, kind of like nails dragged slowly and screechingly down a chalkboard! All the same, I'm still glad that someone’s done it so we can see how well the iPad mini holds up upon impact.


Cygnett is at it again with a new video of the well-tested Workmate shock-resistant iPad mini case in action, as it protects the new iPad mini from what would otherwise be a ruinous effect. As you see when you watch the short video, the differences in results with and without the Cygnett case are nothing if not dramatic. In other words, the Cygnett Workmate works, and works well! I like a product that does what it says it will do, don't you?


The reliable, dual-layer shock and drop protection of the Workmate gives your device a high level of protection from the accidental abuse that happens in a day to day, active life on the go. The Cygnett Workmate for the new iPad mini comes in either black and grey or red and grey and is available HERE for $40.00. The Cygnett Workmate is a great price for this entry-level rugged case.


Siva's Reviews: Cygnett Workmate for iPad mini


Along with the Workmate, Cygnett offers a wide and varied line of unique and versatile iPad mini cases. So if you are looking for a quality case, be sure to check out their extensive selection.

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